The 30 different monolith stone types originate from all over the world. For example, natural stones from Canada, Turkey, Africa, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and Switzerland have been used for fireplaces. Otherwise we could not offer such a wide range of completely different surfaces, structures and colours.


Our employees are constantly searching all over the world for unique and fascinating natural stones - stones that are worthy of being made into a monolith.


Wherever they are found in the world, the natural stones are selected as stone blocks weighing 35 tons for optimum stone quality. These stone blocks are then sawn into separate, solid raw slabs. The single raw slab, which still weighs about 500 kg, is then worked to form the monolith stove casing.

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Exclusive sale of monolith fireplaces in foreign markets. Spartherm does not have the right to sell goods in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Malta.