The wall design with monolith natural stones – a highlight in any roomSpecifically through the variety and choice of different grades of stone in the wall and stove areas, unique and breath-taking combinations can be created. The entire back wall can be drawn into the stove system design concept. A cohesive architectural whole can be created. Specific accents involving the use of individual natural stone strips can be just as effective here as complete wall panels in which pictures, items of furniture or a TV can be integrated. Especially the grades of stone in the livingSkin series create a special kind of dynamic impact through their 'living' surface. Even the transition between wall coverings at floor level can be incorporated in the overall look. ...The wall configuration with monolith natural stones - a highlight in any room. 


All monolith types of stone are suitable for use in wall designs.

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Exclusive sale of monolith fireplaces in foreign markets. Spartherm does not have the right to sell goods in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Malta.