Create your own completely individual rock fireplace fitting with the rock addLine. The addLine add-ons offer practically limitless configuration options. The fireplace has become a unique item of furniture with an enormous variety of rack and shelving options. Small extensions or a whole, expansive interior landscape – anything is possible. The addLine elements in conjunction with the various stone types offer almost endless opportunities for creativity and individuality.

The following stone types can be used for the rock_addLine:

monolith_Steintextur Bianco Limone natura
addLine BIANCO LIMONE natura
monolith Steintexturen MARRONE SCAFATI linea retta
addLine MARRONE SCAFATI linea retta
monolith Steintexturen  ARGENTO FANO natura
addLine ARGENTO FANO natura
monolith Steintexturen GRIGIO POMPEI natura
addLine GRIGIO POMPEI natura
monolith Steintextur Bianco Riva linea retta
addLine BIANCO RIVA linea retta
monolith Steintexturen MARRONE CAPRERA linea croce
addLine MARRONE CAPRERA linea croce
monolith Steintexturen GRIGIO ORISTANO linea retta
addLine GRIGIO ORISTANO linea retta
monolith Steintexturen NERO FERRARA linea retta
addLine NERO FERRARA linea retta
monolith Steintextur BIANCO ARCO linea croce
addLine BIANCO ARCO linea croce
monolith Steintextur MARRONE MEDA nappa
addLine MARRONE MEDA nappa
monolith Steintexturen GRIGIO LIPARI linea croce
addLine GRIGIO LIPARI linea croce
monolith Steintexturen  NERO RAPALLO linea croce
addLine NERO RAPALLO linea croce
monolith Steintextur SABBIA CAPRI natura
addLine SABBIA CAPRI natura
monolith Steintexturen MARRONE IMOLA natura
addLine MARRONE IMOLA natura
monolith Steintexturen GRIGIO CHIASSO natura
addLine GRIGIO CHIASSO natura
monolith Steintexturen MARRONE LATINA seta
monolith Steintextur ORO TIVOLI natura
addLine ORO TIVOLI natura
monolith Steintexturen ARGENTO TRIESTE natura
addLine ARGENTO TRIESTE natura
monolith Steintexturen VERDE BERNARDINO natura
monolith Steintexturen NERO BARDOLINO natura
addLine NERO BARDOLINO natura
monolith Steintexturen MARRONE ALBA natura
addLine MARRONE ALBA natura
monolith Steintexturen GRIGIO AUGUSTA natura
addLine GRIGIO AUGUSTA natura
monolith Steintexturen GRIGIO NOVARA lino
addLine GRIGIO NOVARA lino
monolith Steintexturen NERO ROMA natura
addLine NERO ROMA natura

closed (stone in front)
closed (stone in front)
open (steel inside)
open (steel inside)
open (stone inside)
open (stone inside)

All variations are available in closed or open formats and with a natural stone rear wall in a metal cube. The individual elements are specially designed to enable them to be combined and attached to each other side by side or one on top of the other. Adjustable feet are provided to ensure optimum compatibility

rock_addLine  -    Combination examples

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