monolith Double valve system

  • Airtight cold-insulated
  • Effectively prevents condensate and energy loss
  • Stops the stove system from cooling1
  • Double valve for effective insulation
  • The energy essential in any new construction!

Newly built houses are being designed with better and better insulation. As a result, stoves and tiled stoves are no longer supplied with combustion air from the room, but must instead be operated with combustion air from outdoors. In this case, it is advisable to make provision to cut off the combustion air.2 This way, the combustion air supply line can be prevented from becoming too cold when the stove is not in use. Using "conventional" shutoff valves is only partially effective in preventing cooling.


  • High storage effect through automatic closure of valves after the combustion process
  • Impossible to operate incorrectly
  • Effectively prevents condensate and energy loss
  • Valves open automatically in the event of power failure
  • Lower wood consumption
  • Approved for use by building supervisory authorities at the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik [German Civil Engineering Institute]

The function:

When the fireplace is not in use, for energy conservation reasons it is very important to ensure that the combustion air supply is shut off. The double valve adjusts itself automatically to the fireplace, i.e. when the fireplace is in use the feed air valves are automatically open, the supply of combustion air is assured. When the combustion process is ended, the valves close automatically and so prevent the stove system from becoming too cold.

Complete safety - Valve opens automatically if the event of a power failure!


The valve actuating motor is designed to keep the valves closed with the incident current (minimum power consumption). If the power goes out, the valve actuating motor can no longer maintain this position, and the valves open.

1Prevents cooling of the stove system with the valve closed. 

2Regarding installation, it is imperative to comply with the legal and building code/police and fire regulations prevailing in the country/state concerned with relating to the respective application field of the air valves! If you have any further questions, please contact your local authority. If used as a combustion air line/combustion air outlet, it is imperative to comply with the legal and building code/police and fire regulations prevailing in the country/state concerned! The responsible authority, or in many countries and states the responsible master chimney sweep will usually provide further information on how the combustion air line/combustion air outlet must be designed.

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