The monolith cleaning and care kit is conceived specially for use with the monolith stone types. The CB care spray is the ideal regular cleaner for the monolith fireplace. The care spray contains special substances which refresh and maintain the impregnation of the natural stone casing during every use – the ideal long-term protection. The CB deep cleaner gently but effectively removes stubborn dirt. The powerful CB flue glass cleaner completes the cleaning and care kit.


Cleaning and care of the stone must only be carried out while the stone surface is cold. Any attempt to clean or care for the natural stone elements while they are hot can cause irreparable damage or discolouration of the natural stone. The use of other care or cleaning agents can cause reactions such as mark or odours. since such agents have not been developed for use on the hot stone surface. This will invalidate the warranty. 


When removing ashes, make sure to protect /cover the stone facing in front of the firing door!


These cleaning and care items are only available from your monolith partner company. Each part of the monolith care kit can also be bought separately. Of course, we will be glad to answer your request for further information at any time.

The following care products have been developed for end customers specifically for long-lasting care of all monolith stone types:


Starter set consisting of:  (Container size, each containing 3 x 500 ml)

  • monolith Natural Stone Deep Cleaner
  • monolith Natural Stone Care Spray
  • monolith Natural Stone  Flue Glass Cleaner

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