FIRe and stone

Our efforts to blend these two primordial elements to create a single work of art in the last few years have inspired us to develop an extraordinary product – the monolith. A solid block of rock with a heart of flame. Every natural stone is one of a kind. Each stone tells its own story, stretching back many millions of years. Both fire and stone were Mankind's earliest companions - they even ensured our survival.


Many years of development work were needed to perfect a process that combines these two elements. Over 50 innovations were developed, four patents and more than 350 registered designs were filed. Due to its unusual composition of its solid stone casing, the monolith looks like a unique block of rock. At its heart, the monolith incorporates the very latest in heating technology.


Highly advanced combustion technology with 80% efficiency and higher ensures clean, effective burning. The heat released during combustion is stored in the massive block of natural stone and delivered into the living space over many hours in the from of comfortable radiated heat. A principle that has been used by Mankind since the discovery of fire itself.


Experience the practically limitless configuration possibilities. Particularly today, as individuality is unfortunately being squeezed out of people's lives by relentless pace, busyness and conformity, we are especially delighted to be able to present to you the monolith, product that is truly one of a kind.


Each monolith really is unique – a wonderful feeling.

Monolith – Wikipedia

Monolith (ancient Greek μονόλιθος monólithos‚ 'uniform stone' or literally 'one stone' from μονο- mono- 'single' and λίθος líthos 'stone') essentially means 'stone in one piece'. Generally speaking, objects comprising one piece are called monolithic.

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