... modern, opulent, tasteful, elegant - all a question of the selection of stones ...

First-class stone working technology coupled with superior artisanry make it possible to produce stone facings that give the impression of a solid block of stone with a burning heart in the room. For this purpose, an extensive development project set out to develop a special stone manufacturing process with which each fireplace can be produced from entirely solid raw stone slabs.


With this method, particularly the individual character of each stone can be highlighted and developed. Its unique grain spreads through the stone in three dimensions around the entire fireplace.* The completely different and always remarkable stone types thus lend the same stove type a completely different appearance.

The folded stone

We search all over the world for complete blocks of stone with the quality and dimensions we need to be able to make a monolith. The extraordinary appearance can only be achieved if the grain and structure of the natural stone are present all through the monolith.



The raw slabs of solid natural stone are then sawn using software developed specifically for this application so that a monolith can be made from them.


A key figure in this process is the master sawyer, who overlays the natural stone slab with the virtual software template to attain the best possible grain pattern for the monolith. Then, the individual slabs are joined together again to look as if the approximately 500 kg natural stone slab had simply been folded.

*Depending on the stone type, grain patterns can vary at different edges. Every fireplace has at least one edge where the grain patterns do not match perfectly and/or an exact 90° angle is not formed.

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