Making a monolithic block of stone is one thing – creating a monolithic block of stone with a heart of fire is an entirely different proposition, and much more difficult. Natural stone "works" under the effect of temperature: It expands and shrinks depending on the degree of heating. A very demanding load test for the complete natural stone casing, and particularly for the connecting points, that is to say the corners and edges.


Many components have been developed especially to guarantee that the various stone slabs and modules are joined securely and permanently while still ensuring the natural stone surface can be heated as required. Over 50 innovations were developed specifically for this task. Four of these were particularly inventive:

  • The "AIRprotect" air cooling system developed especially for the stove corners.
  • The "ISOzarge", which reduces thermal load on the stone areas bordering
    the stove door.
  • Flexible connection of individual natural stone rings and slabs with the "FIXball"
  • Regulation of the radiation intensity that affects the natural stone slab with the "SLOWheat" radiation diffusor.

Besides all this, special natural stone joining adhesives were developed which not only join the natural stone reliably but can also withstand considerable thermal loads and material expansions.


The AIRprotect rear ventilation profile ensures permanent double rear ventilation and cooling of the monolith corners and edges. This ensures that the corner joins remain firm even with the stove system is outputting heat at full capacity.

The SLOWheat radiation diffusor ensures that the thermal load is applied to the natural stone casing more evenly. This helps to reduce the effects of uneven and excessive heating of the stove casing.

The effect of thermal radiation on the adjoining natural stone is very powerful, particularly in the area of the stove door, This can lead to high loads on the natural stone. The ISOzarge helps to reduce this effect. The permanent double casing ventilation transforms the radiated heat into gentle convection and protects the stone.

Stress is dissipated most effectively by creating a flexible join between multiple components. This is very important, particularly for components that are exposed to intense heating and cooling. For this reason, the individual monolith rock rings are fixed and centred using the FIXball. A perfect join, because it is flexible, not rigid.

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